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While astrology is by no means gospel — because, you know, everyone has free will — I find it a helpful celestial roadmap for understanding certain things about myself, like how I process stress. For my Virgo friends, it's often lack of order that causes them to spiral. Do you know what stresses you out the most? Here's what the stars say about how you handle stress based on your sign.

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Aries, while you're a natural-born trendsetter and leader, your tendency to take on multiple projects and responsibilities can make you frazzled AF. Taurus, you're stubborn as a mule, and while standing your ground might serve you well in some areas of your life, your unwillingness to compromise can also cause you unnecessary stress. Make more time for [forgiveness] and less time for holding grudges if someone has wronged you," Astrology Answers advised.

All of that internal and external chatter can wear you out, and make you feel sluggish and anxious. It's important to take some chill time, turn your brain off, and relax. An active mind calls for some activities in order to combat stress," Haiber wrote for HER. Find a place where you can be around a lot of people so your conversational needs are met. Cancer, you have a tender heart, and you feel all of the feelings all of the time. However, you don't always express these feelings, which can manifest as frustration, anxiety, and stress.

Some deep meditation may really benefit a Cancer and be a great source of battling stressful times. Leo, you love to be in charge, and sometimes you lack the ability to go with the flow and compromise because you want everything to be your way. While this might be useful if you're Madonna, it can also cause you a lot of stress because, you actually can't control everyone — you need to mind your business. Virgo, while you might know deep down that there is no such thing as perfection, that won't stop you from trying. However, if you're always trying to make everything your idea of perfect, you can end of missing out on things that are pretty damn good.

Doing something that doesn't require perfection will make it easier for you to leave your anxieties and frustrations behind. Libra, aside from the stress of making decisions, you can also get stressed when you don't speak up when you witness injustice or feel you've been wronged. Seriously, this could not be more spot on. The point of every retrograde period with every planet is that the planet is not moving forward, and thus the themes of that planet in that sign and in your specific chart are not moving forward either.

Saturn retrograde from April to September is a very karmic period, as Saturn is a planet of karma and time.

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Lessons have been learned, and some of them have been very difficult. Challenges will ensue once Saturn goes direct, but if your karmic path has been responsible, then you are going to see some rewards. Saturn direct is nothing to fear. Saturn is turning direct in Capricorn, the zodiac sign that it rules.

This means that Saturn direct in Capricorn, the workhorse of the zodiac, is going to teach us a lot of life lessons about discipline, responsibility, and how we accomplish our success. Have things been difficult? Now is the time for you to enjoy the balance that the Universe provides. You have karmic Saturn turning direct in your tenth house of public image and career destiny, Aries.

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This has the potential to be very exciting for you! Work is really going to take off, and you probably feel this already. The things you have been on working for this Summer are going to catapult you into an area of success that you may have only dreamed of. What are your biggest dreams? Reach for those stars, Aries, you have the energy to engage this action.

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  • At the same time, if some karmic lessons are due, you may need to address taking responsibility. Be sure to always consider how your actions affect others. With Saturn goes direct in fellow friendly Earth sign Capricorn, Saturn is teaching you karmic lessons on global affairs. Saturn is turning direct in your 9th house of foreign affairs and Big Picture issues, reminding you of the lessons learned in this big, wide Universe of ours.

    This is the time to reach for the stars, and connect with your fellow humans when you do. Saturn retrograde may have you feeling tired of thinking this big. Everything you do has a trickle effect in this world and with other humans, in a very big way. Keep that in mind, Taurus , and that self-discipline and responsible ethic is going to send you some grand success.

    Have secrets been your secret this Summer, Gemini? Saturn retrograde in Capricorn has been working your 8th house of secrets and transformations, and you need to be careful with this one. You may have life changing events when secrets come out.

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    Saturn turning direct in this karmic house is going to teach you that your self-discipline will come in the form of truth-telling. When you do, the rewards will be excellent. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes, Gemini. Relationship matters may have felt a little sluggish over the Summer, Cancer , and you may have been feeling like past, present, and future relationship issues are all at stake. That is because Saturn retrograde in your opposite sign of Capricorn taught you how to grow in your primary partnerships. Matters to your everyday routines have probably been a significant focus for you since April of this year, Leo.

    Saturn direct in Capricorn in the 6th house is going to remind you of these little things in a very big way.

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    Your self-discipline lessons will be all about taking care of the details with flawless attention. Just take care of it all when Saturn turns direct. The fun zone has been moving in the slow lane with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn and your 5th house of true love and pleasures, Virgo. Your rewards are spectacular in love and with children when Saturn goes direct. You may want to tend to some of these responsibilities as Saturn turns direct. Be authentic and clear in relationship issues. Family issues have been front and center for you since April this year, Libra.

    This is because Saturn has been retrograde in Capricorn in your 4th house of roots and family. Issues directly related to your actual home may have been a test for you over the past few months. If your karma is clean here, then the rewards Saturn will send you when he turns direct will be outstanding. Connect with each member of your family in a spiritual way. Saturn is telling you now you need to meet some spiritual responsibilities at home.

    You are the detective of the zodiac, Scorpio , and information seeking is your superpower. You seek information at all costs and sometimes that is not okay. Saturn retrograde in Capricorn has been teaching you this lesson. Saturn direct in your 3rd house of communication is finally going to get some missing pieces to the puzzle but only if you have been practicing self-discipline and not leaning to the dark side when it comes to information seeking.